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Liquid Sanitiser – 200ml Refill


We have been working the last few weeks on a Lavender scented hand sanitiser. Each year we take a small amount of spirit to produce fortifieds, this year we were allowed to change our licence and use our spirit allocation to produce hand sanitiser. The product formulation is based on guidelines for effective and safe sanitiser.

72.5% Ethanol / Aloe Vera / Lavender

Easy to use, this liquid sanitiser has a soft lavender fragrance and with the use of aloe vera it will leave your hands feeling soft and not dry them out.

Provide in screwcap bottles. To make this a surface spray you can attached a used cleaning product spray as the lid.

200ml bottle.

***This product is on pre-release sales, shipments will not be made until 4th May 2020.***

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Apply small amount to the palm. Spread and rub over back of hands and finger tips. Allow hands to air dry.
If irritation occurs, wash affected area and discontinue use. This product is safe to use on hands and surfaces.

Ingredients: Ethanol (Australian Grape Spirit), Water, Aloe Vera Juice (Organic, Queensland), Glycerol, Hydrogen Peroxide, Lavender Oil (Barossa Valley).

For external use only.
Not for consumption.
Do not swallow.
Avoid contact with eyes.
Do not use on inflamed, broken or sensitive skin.
Keep out of Reach of Children